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What is Leafwell?

Live Better With Cannabis!

We’re data scientists, cannabis specialists, and patient advocates. We believe that cannabis is medicine. As medical and recreational legalization looms, the tide is changing. However, much work needs to be done, and the problems listed above still need solving.

Leafwell is working to help crack the cannabis code and utilize our platform to:

• Increase access to safe, reliable cannabis products 

• Provide patients with a healthcare provider network 

• Develop educational tools to educate the public about cannabis risks and benefits 

• Advocate for policy reform and expanded research 

• Empower communities by creating jobs and economic opportunities. 

We are dedicated to improving public health outcomes through actionable insights and

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Fortify Physical Therapy and Leafwell, a leading medical marijuana company. This collaboration allows us to offer patients an innovative treatment option for effectively managing inflammation and chronic pain. By using the code on our website, users can now benefit from a discounted evaluation at Fortify Physical Therapy. This natural approach provides genuine relief from debilitating conditions, eliminating the need for harsh pharmaceuticals or invasive surgeries. Our belief in this partnership stems from our commitment to helping individuals regain comfort and confidence in their daily lives. Together, we can make a positive impact on many lives!

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